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Thursday, March 3, 2011

okayyy. i'm jealous AGAIN :/

You gotta be kidding me, tak kan lah berlaku lagi gejala jealous syndrome ni. Waaa
Okayy, check this out. i seriously fall in love with her blog. although its kinda simple but it was soooo NICEEEE ;)

Andd i'm like .Ahhhh i'm so jealous! . Being envy was the worst part. Habislah semua nak ditanya dekat anis.Hehe. Sumpah buat muka tak malu jee. Hihi. Sorry anis . Okay okay, time to get back to work. Guyssss, my blog is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! dangg !. Hehe.


Thank You :)

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anis kristal said...

awwwwww! anna malu lah anis.hehehe
hehhe.thanks sgt.terharu terharu ^^

Dahlan said...

Nah, your blog design is good.

I personally like it.

iamclaustrophobia said...

anis : haha. chill anis :p

iamclaustrophobia said...

Dahlan or should i call you Dylan? hehe :p, Anyway, thank you dahlan :) That is sooo nice of you. Glad to hear those nice words from an unknown person :p No offense. Just saying :p

Dahlan said...

Haha. Hmm, you can call me Dahlan. Because that's my blogger name. If you see me, in reality or FB, then its Dylan. After all, its the same person.

Unknown? Perh, so bad :(

iamclaustrophobia said...

Haha. Okayy. Err, somtimes i'm wondering why would you use that name? Hihi. Sorry, if ths question bothering you Dahlan. ;) Hehe. Yeahhh. An unknown person isnt that bad. :p Just kidding.

Dahlan said...

Hmm.. maybe you should read the post. "The Real Dahlan". That would give you a clearer picture. Nah, its ok. You deserve to know. Yeah right? :P

iamclaustrophobia said...

@Dahlan Ahh, will do so. Lol. *sibuk hal orang je :p* Haha. Thanks for the comment Dahlan :)

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